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Shout let it all out


It doesn't come off well in this comic page, but Bolanus has a high pitch screaming voice pitch reaching G7 when terrified. For the non-musically inclined readers, the comparison would be a stray cat self-castrating by accident as it was fighting-off an imaginary companion from a garbage cabbage dinner. It's pretty unpleasant overall, even for the cat...

What else can we tell you? Will this strip have a follow-up? Well, stop asking your magic eight balls, I just say yes, so you can move on to your next question!

I almost forgot. No stray cat was harmed in the production of this comic, a few were lured near the trash bin, but that has nothing to do with the comic! It was timing.

Next comic will be right here on Tuesday, because it seems that is our trend lately. I personally do not like Tuesdays, what has a Tuesday done for me? If a Tuesday has done something for you, please don't share, I'll like them even less.
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Who else needs help?


Mythological fact: Zeus was known to walk around towns and freely help those that had been just in their life, but we suspect it was a ploy to divert their attention from their barn, or a way to shut them up. Ah Zeus!

In international News, Happy Greek Independence day to all (or whatever they call it) it is the day they commemorate their freedom from foreign fiscal tyranny, as they replaced it with their own; less tyrannical of course, but also way less organized. Notice how Minos is still trapped, so he doesn't take part in the parade, thus it is safe to open the TV wherever you live!

Next time we will see Minos do something, or say something, or not be present in his own comic. But it will be here at the end of the week: Friday!
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No lightning bolts


So the "Lightning God" is not that quick! I am more than positive that MANY of our fans are sad to see Minos not present for an extra client. But Minos deserves some time-off after his last lip-locking. For the time being, the kissing-stand is closed!

Next comic will be here on Tuesday, and it will be a heart-warmer for sure! Minos finally finds someone who cares... Too good to be true?
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Double Shame...


Let me start by saying "Great advice!". I have practiced it in my own life and I don't feel that I have missed anything! Let me continue by apologizing to the English Minos readers. I'm sure many of you are well worth the smooching time, so I leave it to you to plead your cases in socially acceptable ways, as tolerated by your local laws.

Since we are getting to know each other, I feel safe to open up to you all! I'm having nightmares of late... I'm seeing an eagle turn into a gigantic flying barracuda that attacks me. I manage to evade, and those attacks repeat up to a number of seven, before the barracuda leaves me alone, and swallows-up the entire city of Madrid during a Football game between Los Vikingos and A.C. Milan.... I'm sure it means nothing... Or does it? It always ends with a fan streaking who turns into me! And the crowd boos. WHY?

Next strip will be less smelling than usual, and it will be presented on Saturday!
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Sorry you have to see this. ;p


Well well well... I have this peculiar feeling that IF we had installed a message box, people would have stuff to say about this strip... I am also SORRY that Jack beat you to your Minos fantasies. For your consolation, Jack paid a VERY steep price!

Any one who has eaten lutefisk, can imagine what kissing Minos would feel like: horrible! And I don't mean the "good lutefisk" (the one of legend) that they keep for themselves, I mean the one they feed the foreigners.

And yet there is MORE to this little arc, equally disturbing I assure you, and you will see the next part on Tuesday. But nothing stops you from using your imagination and creating the sequel strip you want to see... Till the official one is presented!
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A raw deal? Or a super bargain?


I am not certain who is missing the opportunity of a lifetime here: Minos or Jack? I would say Jack. But the future might brighten up for both of them! Don't worry my non-prude readers, we have no intention of "hiding" those two in an alley, where all the action will be concealed from view. We are going to keep them in broad daylight and spare you no details! Because Dumb Bum is irresponsible.

We have a NEW voting incentive on right now, one that is also irresponsible, featuring the Adventurous life of Zeus. He meets a friend today... hehehe No dark alleys there either.

We posted this new comic very closely to the previous one, because you've all been VERY BAD this week and you had it coming. Next comic will have sound effects, a hippie-spirit and I predict nausea! So stock up on paper bags by Friday, and come see the new Minos strip.
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What's your sign, horny baby?


At last Minos attracts a well-mannered foreigner. Perhaps a FAMOUS one! A true Englishman!!! Is his luck improving? I sure hope so, for this little arc is far from over. But will Minos be there to tell the tale?

Many of our readers are older than 6, thus are quite familiar with calendar days, and will point out that today is NOT Friday but Sunday! We got a little sick last week, and did not manage to complete the strip on time. (No, it was not due to lutefisk Poisoning. I never eat enough to risk it.) For the delay: We are sorry! We also created a lynching mob that took care of our laziest comic crew member. He was easy to catch and didn't offer much resistance, therefore from now on comics should be on time, perhaps ahead of time. I'm not sure what he was really contributing to the comic process, I don't try to learn much about people before I grab my pitchfork.

Next comic will be here on Tuesday! Because you deserve it!
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there is an answer to every problem


Poor poor Minos... Nobody wants to lock lips with him! But rest assured, Minos has NOT said his last word, and I believe he'll put his money where his mouth is before all is done!

This weekend I did not do the following activities: Find good Lutefisk locally, eat lutefisk, import lutefisk or even smell lutefisk! I did not lick any lutefisk or even try to promote it to others... Some weekends deserve to be special after all:)

There is a NEW incentive this week if you vote for Minos on TWC. So follow the image below, and enjoy the good reward!

This little arc is not done yet! You will see the next part of it right here on Friday! (Yes, I could say Thursday instead, but Friday reminds me of fries and I am kinda hungry...) And I believe I saw some "time-travelling" in the panels!!! Who can wait?
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The new series of vote incentives :) VOOOOTE :)

Vote for more comics! Do you ever wonder what Minos' relatives and friends are doing while he is trapped in the maze? Are their lives easier than a Minotaur's misfortune? Do they drink fine wine, mingle with celebrities (like Castor and the Danaides!), or do they just talk about Minos behind his back? Well, you're about to find out. We will chronicle their stories in a series of special black&white comics that you can ONLY see when you VOTE AT TOPWEBCOMICS!

A NEW COMIC will be posted every TUESDAY! So, do not miss them :) To Launch ourselves in this batty direction we have AGRICOLA'S TRAGEDY part One. Vote for the true tale.
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Minos is lowering his standards once again :P


Minos is here, thong and lipstick included! Tell your friends, this "too-good to be true" deal cannot last forever. But rest assured, we'll stretch it as much as we can. Maybe Minos will have more luck with his next customer... Myopia was common in the old days.

Now that the Olympics are over (not ALL of them, just the 2014 ones) we can go back to mentioning things we all care to learn more about! Icelandic Lutefisk!!! But not today... Just the thought of it makes me... well you know... wanting to talk about something else.

There is a NEW incentive this week if you vote for Minos on TWC. So follow the image below, and enjoy the good reward!

Our Next customer will see Minos on Monday! Minos is too irresistible to wait till Tuesday this week... What a catch!