January 5th, 2014

minotaur normal

Don't call for help...


Great Year to all! This year try to be less selfish and eat some lutefisk, so a poor Icelander can pass on his serving and eat something else!

This comic is a last minute addition as it came to our attention that Minos had ulterior motives for grabbing that mistletoe. Hurting Thor's feelings was NOT his first priority. We figured it out on our won, ENTIRELY on our own, because everyone on the Dumb Bum staff is a genius! Mistletoe can potentially be deadly to cows!

What? You don't buy that we're geniuses??? Ok you're right. We were clueless until Vakkotaur pointed it out here. Thanks! One extra gag is always appreciated.

Next comic will be on Thursday. Two heads, six legs, do the math!