January 9th, 2014

minotaur normal

A Minos Signature move


When Minos puts his mind and ENTIRE morning on something, you know tears will follow! Bolanus does have a point, after all they have been through together, the paper bags... the black eyes... the operations... Oh selfish Minos!

At the fourth panel, for a brief moment, I thought Minos finally understood how his sad quest hurts his loved ones. But then I remembered his loved ones are weird, and this is Bolanus after all.

No mention of Icelandic delicacies this week, for we have better news at Dumb Bum Studio! We've been informed that our known Poumplovich received someone's dessert leftovers for New Years! And we were feeling bad for not visiting him in prison! No need, he lives the high life with a dessert and a half and a fresh bar of soap every week! Why should I do anything more for Poumplovich? I pay my taxes, he never thanked me for the soap... I'm telling you, prison changes people, and not for the best always.

Next comic is a noisy one!!! It's all you need to know, but be here on Monday. So be nice and be here. And be here. Right here. Just be. Here that is.