January 21st, 2014

minotaur normal

What are YOU currently reading?


The face Minos does in panel three has been pulled by an autobiographical event, a REAL event that some Dumb Bum members experienced a few years ago. Since I care not about the other members, here is how "I" lived it. I thought Bambi was a furry. The fur was misleading after all.. After the "ignorance is bliss" stage, some wise-expert pointed out that furry had more to do with Bambi's conception. Bambi was in fact anthropomorphic!

I was stunned! Did the term "FURRY" refer to storyboards? So I was shown. I still wish I wasn't, I'm not into opossums in that way! If you don't know what furry is, remain ignorant until you're old enough to forget it naturally within a few days. Life is VERY long to carry such a scar. Unless you have a furry comic maker in you, then hurry to find out what it is and make a lot of dirty money!

Next comic will be on either Thursday or Friday, depending in what timezone you live.