January 28th, 2014

minotaur normal

The secret motive

Yesterday's comic:


Who is this damsel? Long time no see! I bet Minos was not very eager to see her, for she always brings trouble. But (yes, with one "T" only) Minos might be up to a secret celebrity diet plan, right on time for the Oscars!

In other news, this week we didn't join a ghost hunting club led by a "celebrity", we did not try the new Apricot Muffin flavor at our local bakery, we did not ask a medical expert an embarrassing question nor did we ask a financial expert how to turn Minos in a gold mine. All in all we saved over 7000$ by not giving in to social pressure to conform. Of course, money saved is not necessarily money owned, so it's a moderate celebration...

Next comic will sneak up on you on the 30th! You need a calendar to know what day that is for I'm not telling! Advice, do not use a Mayan Calendar, 2014 seems to be beyond its level of interest.