February 14th, 2014

minotaur normal

prime suspect


Well... that speaks for itself. Happy Valentines Day, if you're not too traumatized after spending some time with Minos.

Olympics: By watching the competitions, you can guess how bad the world economy is. Germany can force the Olympic Committee to add a NEW luge event, so they can win more medals... Team luge... Consistently, the IOC has turned down my repetitive luge suggestions: Three-Men Luge, One Man one Donkey luge, and my favorite a luger holding on to an egg basket as he slides. All BRILLIANT ideas... The Germans would most probably still win all of those, but it would be more fun for me to watch.

For all the doped athletes of the world, fearing the "doping-test", Dumb Bum can rescue ALL of you! I've been keeping some of my BEST urine samples over the years (400 of them) and I'm ready to sell them cheaper than any other stranger! All we need it's a clever way to swap (not that I need your urine sample, but I'll keep it either way, why not? I collect weirder things.)
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