February 18th, 2014

minotaur normal

Do not ask for directions


What a lovely rhyming title! AH! that 3 letter word never fails to crack me a smile ;) Can this be? Is Bolanus ALSO lost? Who knows. The future doesn't know, because I failed to tell it.

Olympics: Talking about those rhyming words, my FAVORITE Olympic sport is curling!!! It has so many "ENDS" I can never get enough... No I'm not a pervert, I'm just a normal person who enjoys the view of others sweeping and sweating and screaming end after end. I'm perfectly normal.

I'm worried about Winter Olympics, thus far the doping screening has not been very successful. Cold weather makes it tough to retain urine, scientists say, and those thrilling adrenaline rushing sports, leave many many athletes "dry". How do they collect urine samples from the athletes after the Freestyle Aerials, the Skeleton events, the Halfpipe traumas? I fear they lose it while performing. I know for a fact, in Luge, they pass a cotton swab over the helmet after the event, and generally speaking it gets wet enough for a doping test... the dynamics of the sport make it plausible, but all athletes are not as lucky...
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