February 22nd, 2014

minotaur normal

Who needs to count the calories?


There you have it, another update is here! Late only because of curling. Enough said.

Olympics: After the IOC turned down my ideas for NEW and comprehensive winter Olympic events, I moved my inventiveness to the summer games. The IOC is about to receive my new sport suggestion: Trampoline Boxing! Look for it in the 2040 games. And then look for the TEAM TRAMPOLINE BOXING in 2048!!! My intelligence is only used to serve mankind from now on.

In case you have not seen what we posted on Twitter this week, here have a look! Minos caught curling fever! It's not deadly only dangerous to his non-existing social life.

Minos will update again on Tuesday, and I can tell you he is more beautiful than EVER! He's putting an effort at last in the right direction. Tell your friends.