February 25th, 2014

minotaur normal

Minos wants more money and that's not good.


As we promised, Minos is now MORE beautiful than ever! (Thanks to Revlon for making him so irresistible with shade #264 Sizzling Flaming Cherry.) If you agree that Minos is now hotter (or even if you don't, won't change a thing) get ready for a few burning weeks of Minos in Business, as this is AN ARC! So tell your children to avoid the internet for a while.

Now that the Olympics are over I have the pleasure to announce that the IOC accepted one of my sport suggestions for the 2018 Olympics in South Korea: Two Men Skeleton! Thanks to the ILGA Association for saying "Two Men Skeleton? Who would ever oppose this?"... At least some members of ILGA backed-me up, but I don't know why.

Now in REAL news, Minos updates again when the Koalas Cross the 13th Interstate at Noon near the town of Forkburry! (Yes, the same town Poumplovich stopped in for two days in 2002) In other words, on Friday! So get moving Koalas, our readers are waiting!