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Fine dining is the @!$!!


Before you start taking Minos' advice, and dine on precious laxatives, I must warn you there IS a continuity to this strip. So you might want to hold off the experiment until you're more informed.

We recently added a third character page in the cast section. I hope you'll look at it. You never know when you'll be asked to identify a weirdo from a police lineup!

Yesterday we did something VERY wrong! In fact that police lineup might be closer than not!

An image is worth a thousand words! What if those one thousand words were VERY wrong words? What type of image would cause this? Years ago we found one of those images and we immediately thought of YOU! How could we use it for YOUR benefit? We came up with this naughtypiece. We hope you'll enjoy it. And if you don't, please remember that we wrote this years ago. WE HAVE CHANGED. We are not the same humorists that we used to be, so refrain that pitchfork from meeting my tenderness. It's all in the past. I know YOU don't want to be judged for that bank you robbed last month, after all you have been a Saint ALL day today! And for someone with your behavior it's even a bigger accomplishment! So no pitchforks. CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE NAUGHTYPIECE THEATER!

Next comic will be here when the sun rises from the East and the last rays hit the temple of Knok Nook in Southern Chile, disturbing the ill cat napping on the tomb of Juan. The world wont be ending, so you don't need to disrupt your schedule too much, just make time for Minos!
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