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Minos is lowering his standards once again :P


Minos is here, thong and lipstick included! Tell your friends, this "too-good to be true" deal cannot last forever. But rest assured, we'll stretch it as much as we can. Maybe Minos will have more luck with his next customer... Myopia was common in the old days.

Now that the Olympics are over (not ALL of them, just the 2014 ones) we can go back to mentioning things we all care to learn more about! Icelandic Lutefisk!!! But not today... Just the thought of it makes me... well you know... wanting to talk about something else.

There is a NEW incentive this week if you vote for Minos on TWC. So follow the image below, and enjoy the good reward!

Our Next customer will see Minos on Monday! Minos is too irresistible to wait till Tuesday this week... What a catch!
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