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Poor poor Minos... Nobody wants to lock lips with him! But rest assured, Minos has NOT said his last word, and I believe he'll put his money where his mouth is before all is done!

This weekend I did not do the following activities: Find good Lutefisk locally, eat lutefisk, import lutefisk or even smell lutefisk! I did not lick any lutefisk or even try to promote it to others... Some weekends deserve to be special after all:)

There is a NEW incentive this week if you vote for Minos on TWC. So follow the image below, and enjoy the good reward!

This little arc is not done yet! You will see the next part of it right here on Friday! (Yes, I could say Thursday instead, but Friday reminds me of fries and I am kinda hungry...) And I believe I saw some "time-travelling" in the panels!!! Who can wait?
Tags: minos news, minos the minotaur, updates
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