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A raw deal? Or a super bargain?


I am not certain who is missing the opportunity of a lifetime here: Minos or Jack? I would say Jack. But the future might brighten up for both of them! Don't worry my non-prude readers, we have no intention of "hiding" those two in an alley, where all the action will be concealed from view. We are going to keep them in broad daylight and spare you no details! Because Dumb Bum is irresponsible.

We have a NEW voting incentive on right now, one that is also irresponsible, featuring the Adventurous life of Zeus. He meets a friend today... hehehe No dark alleys there either.

We posted this new comic very closely to the previous one, because you've all been VERY BAD this week and you had it coming. Next comic will have sound effects, a hippie-spirit and I predict nausea! So stock up on paper bags by Friday, and come see the new Minos strip.
Tags: minos news, minos the minotaur, updates, vote incentive
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