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Double Shame...


Let me start by saying "Great advice!". I have practiced it in my own life and I don't feel that I have missed anything! Let me continue by apologizing to the English Minos readers. I'm sure many of you are well worth the smooching time, so I leave it to you to plead your cases in socially acceptable ways, as tolerated by your local laws.

Since we are getting to know each other, I feel safe to open up to you all! I'm having nightmares of late... I'm seeing an eagle turn into a gigantic flying barracuda that attacks me. I manage to evade, and those attacks repeat up to a number of seven, before the barracuda leaves me alone, and swallows-up the entire city of Madrid during a Football game between Los Vikingos and A.C. Milan.... I'm sure it means nothing... Or does it? It always ends with a fan streaking who turns into me! And the crowd boos. WHY?

Next strip will be less smelling than usual, and it will be presented on Saturday!
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