dumbbum_comics (dumbbum_comics) wrote,

Shout let it all out


It doesn't come off well in this comic page, but Bolanus has a high pitch screaming voice pitch reaching G7 when terrified. For the non-musically inclined readers, the comparison would be a stray cat self-castrating by accident as it was fighting-off an imaginary companion from a garbage cabbage dinner. It's pretty unpleasant overall, even for the cat...

What else can we tell you? Will this strip have a follow-up? Well, stop asking your magic eight balls, I just say yes, so you can move on to your next question!

I almost forgot. No stray cat was harmed in the production of this comic, a few were lured near the trash bin, but that has nothing to do with the comic! It was timing.

Next comic will be right here on Tuesday, because it seems that is our trend lately. I personally do not like Tuesdays, what has a Tuesday done for me? If a Tuesday has done something for you, please don't share, I'll like them even less.
Tags: minos news, minos the minotaur, updates

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