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Minos wants more money and that's not good.


As we promised, Minos is now MORE beautiful than ever! (Thanks to Revlon for making him so irresistible with shade #264 Sizzling Flaming Cherry.) If you agree that Minos is now hotter (or even if you don't, won't change a thing) get ready for a few burning weeks of Minos in Business, as this is AN ARC! So tell your children to avoid the internet for a while.

Now that the Olympics are over I have the pleasure to announce that the IOC accepted one of my sport suggestions for the 2018 Olympics in South Korea: Two Men Skeleton! Thanks to the ILGA Association for saying "Two Men Skeleton? Who would ever oppose this?"... At least some members of ILGA backed-me up, but I don't know why.

Now in REAL news, Minos updates again when the Koalas Cross the 13th Interstate at Noon near the town of Forkburry! (Yes, the same town Poumplovich stopped in for two days in 2002) In other words, on Friday! So get moving Koalas, our readers are waiting!
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Who needs to count the calories?


There you have it, another update is here! Late only because of curling. Enough said.

Olympics: After the IOC turned down my ideas for NEW and comprehensive winter Olympic events, I moved my inventiveness to the summer games. The IOC is about to receive my new sport suggestion: Trampoline Boxing! Look for it in the 2040 games. And then look for the TEAM TRAMPOLINE BOXING in 2048!!! My intelligence is only used to serve mankind from now on.

In case you have not seen what we posted on Twitter this week, here have a look! Minos caught curling fever! It's not deadly only dangerous to his non-existing social life.

Minos will update again on Tuesday, and I can tell you he is more beautiful than EVER! He's putting an effort at last in the right direction. Tell your friends.
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Do not ask for directions


What a lovely rhyming title! AH! that 3 letter word never fails to crack me a smile ;) Can this be? Is Bolanus ALSO lost? Who knows. The future doesn't know, because I failed to tell it.

Olympics: Talking about those rhyming words, my FAVORITE Olympic sport is curling!!! It has so many "ENDS" I can never get enough... No I'm not a pervert, I'm just a normal person who enjoys the view of others sweeping and sweating and screaming end after end. I'm perfectly normal.

I'm worried about Winter Olympics, thus far the doping screening has not been very successful. Cold weather makes it tough to retain urine, scientists say, and those thrilling adrenaline rushing sports, leave many many athletes "dry". How do they collect urine samples from the athletes after the Freestyle Aerials, the Skeleton events, the Halfpipe traumas? I fear they lose it while performing. I know for a fact, in Luge, they pass a cotton swab over the helmet after the event, and generally speaking it gets wet enough for a doping test... the dynamics of the sport make it plausible, but all athletes are not as lucky...
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prime suspect


Well... that speaks for itself. Happy Valentines Day, if you're not too traumatized after spending some time with Minos.

Olympics: By watching the competitions, you can guess how bad the world economy is. Germany can force the Olympic Committee to add a NEW luge event, so they can win more medals... Team luge... Consistently, the IOC has turned down my repetitive luge suggestions: Three-Men Luge, One Man one Donkey luge, and my favorite a luger holding on to an egg basket as he slides. All BRILLIANT ideas... The Germans would most probably still win all of those, but it would be more fun for me to watch.

For all the doped athletes of the world, fearing the "doping-test", Dumb Bum can rescue ALL of you! I've been keeping some of my BEST urine samples over the years (400 of them) and I'm ready to sell them cheaper than any other stranger! All we need it's a clever way to swap (not that I need your urine sample, but I'll keep it either way, why not? I collect weirder things.)
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Accepted and glorified... by a hair


Minos is below standards once again :( His long time dream to be the next L'Oreal Shampoo Girl, is dead! Once more something dies before Minos. Also, thanks to all who took their time and answered our little survey! If you don't know what I'm talking about, just keep reading, it's still going on.Collapse )
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Well, fed...


Minos is brought later than promised, but that is ONLY because we seized an opportunity to impress our idols! And by opportunity, I mean they left their back door open, and we're squatting in their backyard till someone kicks us out! We'll keep you informed, and start saving your coins to bail us out!

On a brighter note, we will GIVE YOU the chance to WIN SOMETHING FOR FREE!!! We made a little FUN Minos survey, to "learn" more about our readers, and how to improve things for you. Please click the image below, it will take you to the short survey (known in the business as the Minos the Minotaur Inquisition) and once you complete it, The Dumb Bum staff will do its magic, and you'll get a link for the FREE APP! (Hint, Minos appears in the game!!!! It's a game featuring Minotaurs!)

Next time you see Minos, the laxatives will be long gone! We'll interrupt our Olympic watching to bring you Minos... Not willingly, but there'll probably be a skeleton competition I'll be too scared to watch at some point... at some point...
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Minos the great chef


Minos is in deep this time, at least when considering social cues.

We are updating sick today, thus this will be leaning on the short side. We blame the Canadian Weather, and not a particular weatherman (or woman) for the winter days we are having. Sick we are NOT funny! This is due to the side-effects of our syrup. The pharmacist warned us that we may experience temporary loss of humor, turning into a moose and hallucinations. Right now I am an unfunny orignal. Pay attention, I did not misspell "original" but rightly spelled moose in French. Keep your headlights away from me, as I strut my panache all over town.

Next update will be brought by another pharmaceutical experiment on Monday!
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The secret motive

Yesterday's comic:


Who is this damsel? Long time no see! I bet Minos was not very eager to see her, for she always brings trouble. But (yes, with one "T" only) Minos might be up to a secret celebrity diet plan, right on time for the Oscars!

In other news, this week we didn't join a ghost hunting club led by a "celebrity", we did not try the new Apricot Muffin flavor at our local bakery, we did not ask a medical expert an embarrassing question nor did we ask a financial expert how to turn Minos in a gold mine. All in all we saved over 7000$ by not giving in to social pressure to conform. Of course, money saved is not necessarily money owned, so it's a moderate celebration...

Next comic will sneak up on you on the 30th! You need a calendar to know what day that is for I'm not telling! Advice, do not use a Mayan Calendar, 2014 seems to be beyond its level of interest.
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Fine dining is the @!$!!


Before you start taking Minos' advice, and dine on precious laxatives, I must warn you there IS a continuity to this strip. So you might want to hold off the experiment until you're more informed.

We recently added a third character page in the cast section. I hope you'll look at it. You never know when you'll be asked to identify a weirdo from a police lineup!

Yesterday we did something VERY wrong! In fact that police lineup might be closer than not!

An image is worth a thousand words! What if those one thousand words were VERY wrong words? What type of image would cause this? Years ago we found one of those images and we immediately thought of YOU! How could we use it for YOUR benefit? We came up with this naughtypiece. We hope you'll enjoy it. And if you don't, please remember that we wrote this years ago. WE HAVE CHANGED. We are not the same humorists that we used to be, so refrain that pitchfork from meeting my tenderness. It's all in the past. I know YOU don't want to be judged for that bank you robbed last month, after all you have been a Saint ALL day today! And for someone with your behavior it's even a bigger accomplishment! So no pitchforks. CLICK HERE TO ENTER THE NAUGHTYPIECE THEATER!

Next comic will be here when the sun rises from the East and the last rays hit the temple of Knok Nook in Southern Chile, disturbing the ill cat napping on the tomb of Juan. The world wont be ending, so you don't need to disrupt your schedule too much, just make time for Minos!
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What are YOU currently reading?


The face Minos does in panel three has been pulled by an autobiographical event, a REAL event that some Dumb Bum members experienced a few years ago. Since I care not about the other members, here is how "I" lived it. I thought Bambi was a furry. The fur was misleading after all.. After the "ignorance is bliss" stage, some wise-expert pointed out that furry had more to do with Bambi's conception. Bambi was in fact anthropomorphic!

I was stunned! Did the term "FURRY" refer to storyboards? So I was shown. I still wish I wasn't, I'm not into opossums in that way! If you don't know what furry is, remain ignorant until you're old enough to forget it naturally within a few days. Life is VERY long to carry such a scar. Unless you have a furry comic maker in you, then hurry to find out what it is and make a lot of dirty money!

Next comic will be on either Thursday or Friday, depending in what timezone you live.