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A little talented


So this strip is delivered late. Apparently, the Dumb Bum staff does not know how to use a calendar. Nonsense! We all know how to use a calendar. Some better than others, so don't point fingers :)

Minos is hot! How hot? Look at the cover of Times, he's hotter than who ever is on it right now! THAT HOT!!!

Next comic will push Minos' prude-line to the limit! So check back often!
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It sounds like Minos ...


That's my favorite title so far! And what makes it very special, one simple fact: it applies to ALL comics involving Minos!

I'm betting nobody saw this one coming :)

With this update the Dumb Bum staff wishes to congratulate themselves for bringing yet another comic on time! That's a record amount without missing a scheduled update. Many webcomic makers achieve punctuality effortlessly, but we're not them! That's because we are very occupied, more than any other maker that is! We have monkeys to feed, mailmen to save from poorly domesticated dogs, dogs to save from vindictive mailmen, NASA meetings to attend, Google Chrome settings to fine-tune over and over and over... We also have a BIG cauldron where we concoct Minos related surprises. Not the normal comics, but FUN STUFF, like the Interview, the Dating Game... We have a lot in store for you this year, AND we'll be punctual. So 2014 shall be an UNCANNY year for all of us! Stay tuned, you don't want to miss the UNCANNY do you?

Glad you were all here on time for the update. Next Update will be on Thursday right after the cows come home! And that's not code for anything, so keep the barn door open!
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A Minos Signature move


When Minos puts his mind and ENTIRE morning on something, you know tears will follow! Bolanus does have a point, after all they have been through together, the paper bags... the black eyes... the operations... Oh selfish Minos!

At the fourth panel, for a brief moment, I thought Minos finally understood how his sad quest hurts his loved ones. But then I remembered his loved ones are weird, and this is Bolanus after all.

No mention of Icelandic delicacies this week, for we have better news at Dumb Bum Studio! We've been informed that our known Poumplovich received someone's dessert leftovers for New Years! And we were feeling bad for not visiting him in prison! No need, he lives the high life with a dessert and a half and a fresh bar of soap every week! Why should I do anything more for Poumplovich? I pay my taxes, he never thanked me for the soap... I'm telling you, prison changes people, and not for the best always.

Next comic is a noisy one!!! It's all you need to know, but be here on Monday. So be nice and be here. And be here. Right here. Just be. Here that is.
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Don't call for help...


Great Year to all! This year try to be less selfish and eat some lutefisk, so a poor Icelander can pass on his serving and eat something else!

This comic is a last minute addition as it came to our attention that Minos had ulterior motives for grabbing that mistletoe. Hurting Thor's feelings was NOT his first priority. We figured it out on our won, ENTIRELY on our own, because everyone on the Dumb Bum staff is a genius! Mistletoe can potentially be deadly to cows!

What? You don't buy that we're geniuses??? Ok you're right. We were clueless until Vakkotaur pointed it out here. Thanks! One extra gag is always appreciated.

Next comic will be on Thursday. Two heads, six legs, do the math!
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Well if this doesn't go to his head...

Click this link to see the special update...


Dear everybody! (That includes all Jills and Bobs... ok Saget too, after all it's the Holiday season) The Dumb Bum crew wishes you all A GREAT END OF YEAR, and A VERY HAPPY YEAR AHEAD! Stick to resolutions that you can keep, like: "I won't take any resolutions this year", "I'll go easy on the lutefisk", "I won't watch any Uwe Boll movies!"... you know, stuff you can do!

2014 will be the year when Minos breaks out of his routine and tries new relationships! He'll free himself from the monotonous tendency of being good to others and will focus on himself! He'll find his way to absolute bliss by ignoring everyone! What a year ahead!!!

Next time we see you it will be 2014, early 2014, so stay around! And enjoy the special more than once ;) If you haven't looked at it already, it's an eye full... and eye-sore. After all it is Minos...
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And to all a good bovine time!!!


What a great joke! What you don't know is that it becomes less of a joke when you learn where Thor got that mistletoe. He had to travel by foot through the gorge of the spineless needy dead, reach the forest of eternal night and retrieve the polished rock from the enraged venomous honey badger. Then make his way back on foot to Asgard, give the polished rock to Odin, who was mildly amused but just enough to lend Sleipnir to Thor for an hour. Then with Sleipnir's help, Thor raced to Islamabad's Chinatown, where they had them on sale. Unfortunately he returned 3 minutes late, he stopped on the road to wink at a passing caravan... To all 17 members and 29 camels. Odin got angry, Thor spent the evening with Fenrir, where they exchanged punches and punchlines. On second thought, he should've spent a little more, and bought the smaller sized mistletoe from Stockholm.

Next comic will be VERY VERY VERY special! I don't need to tell you when it will update, because there is a countdown on this site that does a better and more precise job than me. So better see you then!
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how do you like your walls?


Before you ALL rush to your inbox, and start mailing me your scenario ideas for this story arc, let me say: THIS IS NOT AN EPIC, not an epic... Maybe in a print version that may appear highly over-priced, but in fact it will be priced "just right" according to my eating needs and habits, and of course the price of coffee. But for now, this is a single gag with no follow-ups. There I said it!

As an outspoken spokesman for Minotaur Media Welfare (MMW) I was asked to investigate a minotaur assault. I am sad to say that the alleged assault was not alleged, but REAL! The culprit is the super-fun, very-addictive Neverwinter Nights Game! It features a gruesome attack on a juvenile minotaur during its opening sequence. I urge you all to witness it, maybe youtube can finally be useful for something important. If you don't see it, you can't be aware of the tragedies that happen in this world. But some good news, Minos the Minotaur was NOT the one getting his precious buttocks kicked! Also good news, my gnome is progressing well in the game, if only the annoying ally I picked up could mute.

Next update will be on Sunday. What else do you need to know? Go do some chores! :)
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Now I'm not superstitious but...


Bolanus has good reasons to be worried; he's quite the muffin! With raisins, wild berries and everything!!! Or maybe I'm just hungry typing this and muffins come to mind... They are very filling!!! Ah muffins!

History lesson time: The Ancient Greeks NEVER met Icelanders! How unfortunate.I imagine the conversations around fish prices, fish freshness and everything else fish related they could've talked about. For minutes and minutes, those two nations could bound over fish, sardines, cod and many more! That is if they could find a common language, but fish language is VERY universal , so it would give them a decent start.

For all of those that keep emailing us daily: YES, Poumplovich is still in jail.

Next Comic will be on Thursday, so don't say I didn't tell you.
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Minos the... god?


Minos is good at something, and it is a good thing he'll never find out. If he ever learns it, he'll probably quit this comic, and show those "pros" how a real half-man plays golf.

Talking about golf: it is NOT a sport!!! I sweat more sharpening my pencils and inking this comic. If making a webcomic can be considered a sport... Well, golf still isn't! The only sweating occurring on a golf course is from the sun's heat. The spectators sweat more than the golfers... You can NEVER sweat more watching a marathon than the runner. So not a sport.

I have heard that Iceland is not renown for golf, so one more reason to like Iceland! Except for that lutefisk, Iceland is doing everything else right!

Dumb Bum Comics launched a NEW WEBCOMIC called Knight Walk. You can read it here, but it won't require much reading for it is a silent comic for intellectuals! Minos is also for intellectuals so we're certain you'll enjoy it :) ... Ahem.

Next time Minos learns something cultural that he'll most probably quickly forget. It will be in a couple of days.